For Beyondships editor Richard H. Wagner, ships and
the sea have always been a passion.  Indeed, one could
say it is in the blood.  His father was descended from
the chief engineer of the Great Easterner and,   as a
young soldier, his father fought on the PT boats in the
Pacific in World War II (
see article).  On his mother’s
side, his great grandfather was a ship’s captain as was
his father before him.  Another one of her ancestors was
a passenger on the
Sea Venture, the first English ship to
arrive in Bermuda and later on the

When Mr. Wagner was growing up, his father was in the
travel industry.  As a result, the household conversation
often included stories of the great ocean liners.  During
travels to Europe and other distant locations, the family
often met with managers of hotels and other executives
in the hospitality business.

All of this, has led to more than 25
0 voyages on
passenger ships including transatlantic crossings,
voyages to the British Isles, Norway, the Baltic, the
Mediterranean, Canada, the Caribbean, the Bahamas,
South America and Africa.

Combining his travel experience with a love of writing,
Mr. Wagner has published hundreds of articles and
photographs in other publications on a freelance basis
and has served as guest editor of the World Ship
Society's Porthole.   

In addition to writing about cruise ships, Mr. Wagner
was the  Editor of The Log, the official journal of the
Navy League of the United States, New York Council
for six years.  He has been on aircraft carriers, nuclear
submarines, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, assault ships,
and Coast Guard cutters.

Mr. Wagner has also written extensively on the life and
work of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.  This
includes "A Falling Out: The Relationship Between
Oliver Wendell Holmes and Theordore Roosevelt," 27
Journal of Supreme Court History 114 (2002).

His academic credentials include a degree in
Communication Arts from Cornell University, a Master
of Business Administration from the John G. Hagan
School of Business at Iona College, a juris doctor
magna cum laude from the Pace University School of
Law and graduate study in law at Cambridge University

As an undergraduate at Cornell, Mr. Wagner was an
officer of the Cornell Concert Commission, which
produced shows by The Byrds, Santana, Jefferson
Starship, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, Crosby & Nash,
Jim Croce, Arlo Guthrie, Aerosmith and Loggins &
Messina.  He also did interviews with rock and jazz
stars on radio and in newspapers.  These included
interviews with Steve Stills, Alice Cooper, Jackson
Browne, Jimmy Cliff, Joan Baez and others.   

 During his 20 year practice of law, Mr. Wagner
specialized in appellate litigation, arguing cases before
the New York appellate courts and the United States
Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.   Among other
positions, he was Senior Litigation Counsel for Verizon
Communications Inc.  He has contributed articles to
the Supreme Court Historical Society Quarterly, The
Journal of Supreme Court History and the New York
Law Journal.

 He is a  Life Member of the Navy League of the
United States of which he was a Vice President and
Director of the New York Council for five years.  In
2009, he served on the Commissioning Committee for
USS New York (LPD 21) and wrote two articles for the
ship's commissioning book
First Responder (RADM J.
Callo, ed.)

 Mr. Wagner is also an artist.  (
See our art website).

Contact: Editor@Beyondships.com
On the bridge of FREEDOM OF
THE SEAS with Captain Carlos
With General Peter Pace, Chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff. (Photo: Dafna Tal
courtesy of the Oxonian Society).
General Wesley Clark and the editor.
(Photo courtesy of the Oxonian Society).
First cruise - - Cunard's
FRANCONIA in 1967.
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With the ship he has traveled on the most
often, Cunard's QUEEN ELIZABETH 2.  
With Justice David Souter.
(Photo courtesy of The Supreme
Court Historical Society)  
With Justice Clarence Thomas.
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With Captain Christopher Wells on
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With Captain (now Commodore)
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