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Trondheim is Norway's third largest city and at one
time was the capital of Norway.  It is the most
northerly cruise port in the fjord region.  Unlike its
more southerly neighbors Trondheim fjord does not
have towering cliffs.  Rather, it is area of rolling hills
covered in forests.

The city can trace its origins back to 997 when it
was founded by Viking  King Olav Tryggvason.
Trondheim was the nation's first capital.

In 1070, construction of the Nidaros Cathedral began
on the site of the grave of Norway's patron saint St.
Olaf.  The cathedral continued as an important
pilgrimage destination until the Reformation.  This
tradition has recently been revived.  

Over the years, Trondheim has suffered many
devastating fires.  After a fire in 1681 destroyed
most of the houses, Major Jean Caspar de Cicignon
was brought to Trondheim from Luxembourg to
re-design the city.  Part of his plan called for wide
avenues that would act as a fire break in future fires.
 As a result, much of Trondheim has an open and
airy feel.  However, it also retained some of its
medieval alleys and narrow lanes.

In addition, the city continues to have many wooden
buildings.  This includes the official residence of the
Norwegian Royal Family, the Stiftsgarden, which is
Scandinavia's largest wooden mansion.

During World War II, Trondheim was occupied by
the Germans who used the fine natural harbor as a
base for submarines and other warships.  The
occupation was harsh and continued until Germany
surrendered in May 1945.

Today, Trondheim is a commercial and research
center.  It is also the home of the Norwegian
University of Science and Technology as well as
Sør-Trøndelag University College.  As a result, the
city has a large student population and a youthful

There are several museums in Trondheim including
the Trondheim Museum of Arts; The National
Museum of Decorative Arts; Sverresborg, an open
air museum, consisting of more than 60 buildings; the.
Trondheim Science Museum; The Museum of
Natural History and Archaeology as well as a
number of small history, science and natural history
Kristiansten fortress overlooks the town.  
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Above: The Nidaros Cathedral.

Right: The Royal Residence.
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Sverresli provides panoramic views over Trondheim and the
adjacent countryside.
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