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Geirangerfjord is a short but spectacular body of water.  It
is flanked on either side by sheer cliff faces that rise
thousands of feet above the water.  

peeks tumble thousands of feet into the fjord.  It is a narrow
fjord and across one of the narrowest points, the Suitor
waterfall pays court to the Seven Sisters waterfalls.  
Nearby, is the Bridal Veil waterfall.

Perched impossibly on the cliff faces are tiny ladder farms
that can only be accessed by climbing.  They are so far
above the ship that they look like toys,  It is amazing that
anyone could ever get to them much less live there all year

At the end of the fjord is a green amphitheater surrounding
still waters that reflect the mountains and the sky.  It is not
uncommon for several cruise ships to be anchored there.  
However, the atmosphere remains one of quiet, pristine
natural beauty.

Geiranger is a small village with approximately 300
inhabitants.  The attraction is the scenery.  Some tours take
passengers up into the mountains where they can look down
at the fjord and valley below.  Eagle's Bend and
Flydalsjuvet are popular view points.  Mount Dalsnibba
also offer panoramic views.

Geirangerfjord branches out from Stor fjord.  Taking the
other channel one comes to Hellesylt, which was an
important port in Viking times but which is now a tiny
village.  Some cruise ships will sail down to Hellesylt
before entering Geirangerfjord in order to put passengers
ashore for all day tours that take them to Jostedalsbreen
National Park and the Briksdal Glacier before bringing
them to re-join the ship at Geiranger.        
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Some cruise ships tender guests ashore in Hellesylt
before entering Geirangerfjord for shore excursions that
take them over the mountains to Geiranger.
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Above: The Seven Sisters Waterfalls is a high point of the cruise into Geirangerfjord.

Below:  At the end of the fjord, cruise ships anchor beneath the towering mountains.
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