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Bergen is called the “gateway to the fjords”.  
Situated on a promontory nestled between seven
mountains at th end of a fjord, Bergen gives a hint of
the fjord region.

The city dates from 1070 when King Olav III
founded a settlement here.  By the 12th Century,
Bergen had grown to become the capital of Norway

Because of the influence of th Gulf stream, Bergen
has a relatively mild climate and a harbor that
remains mostly ice free during the winter.  Thee
factors made Bergen an attractive port and trading
center.  In the 14th Century, merchants from northern
Germany took control and made Bergen into the
largest city in Norway and an important port in the
Hanseatic League.

After the decline of the League, 18th Century
Norwegian merchants took over the trade.  In
particular, Norwegian cod became an important
export.  Fishing remains an important industry today.

During the 19th Century, Bergen became a cultural
center.  Composer Edward Grieg was a native of
Bergen.  His house outside of the City is a popular

Bergen was the scene of fighting, including a naval
engagement, when Germany invaded Norway at the
beginning of World War II.  Sections of the city were
severely damaged during the five-year occupation.

Today, Bergen remains an important commercial
center.  In addition, it is an educational center with
the University of Bergen and several colleges.

Bergen has several museums depicting its history
including the Hanseatic Museum,  the Bryggen
Museum and the Theta Museum (WW II resistance)
as well as historic buildings including the Old Guild
Hall and the Rosenkrantz Tower.      
Left: The Gibbs Hill
Lighthouse was built of
cast iron in 1846.
Left: The cruise ships dock in
a commercial port.  Because
of the commercial traffic,
shuttle buses are used to take
passengers into town.
The Bryggen, a
quay lines with
rows of timbered
houses, most of
which were built
between, the 14th
and 16th century,
is a World
Heritage site.
Above: The open air fish market also sells flowers and other
Cruise ports - photo tour - Norwegian Fjords-Bergen, Norway
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The approach to Bergen by sea is quite pretty, taking the
ship past islands and inlets with mountains towering in
the distance.

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