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Alesund is often said to be one of the prettiest towns
in the fjord region for two reasons.

    First, the town is architecturally interesting.  In
1904, a devastating fire raged through the town,
which was then primarily composed of wooden
structures.  It left some 10,000 people homeless.  
Hearing of this tragedy, Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm II
who liked to vacation in this area, sent four warships
to Alesund with supplies and building materials.  
After the initial relief efforts, architects from all over
Europe designed buildings for the new town.  As a
result, Alesund has one of the best collections of Art
Nouveau and Gothic architecture in Europe.  Many
of these have been preserved and now mix with  
modern buildings and buildings done in an
indigenous Norwegian style.

    Second, is the town's beautiful setting.  Alesund
is located at the mouth of Stor (big) fjord on a series
of islands connected by bridges and tunnels.  This
gives it a pleasant series of canal like waterways
cutting through the town.   In the distance the rugged
Aksla and Sukkerttoppen Mountains form a beautiful

    Alesund is a very walkable town.  There are
shops, cafés and places of interest within walking
distance of the pier.

    The town’s primary attractions are the Alesund
Museum and the Alesund Sea-Park, which is one of
Northern Europe’s largest aquariums.    Outside of
town is the Sunnmore Open-Air Museum, which has
more than 50 antique buildings depicting a traditional
Norwegian fishing village.

     Alesund remains an important fishing center
today and is homeport to a large modern fishing fleet.

    Approximately, 40,000 people live in Alesund
Above:  Locals greet the ship dressed in
traditional clothing.
Right:  The cruise ships dock in the center of town.
Colorful Northern European buildings reflect into
the harbor.
Alesund's prevalent Art Nouveau and Gothic style
architectures mix with more modern buildings on
quiet streets with shops and cafés.
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Alesund is a pleasing mix of the old and the new in a
pretty natural setting.
Overlooking the fjord are rugged mountains.  
Mount Aksla is a popular place for a panoramic
view of the area.
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