Lisa Lutoff-Perlo,
Senior Vice President, Hotel
Celebrity Cruises, introduces
Celebrity Silhouette and describes
the Solsticizing of Celebrity Infinity


Richard H. Wagner
Celebrity     Cruises
Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, Celebrity Cruises' Senior Vice President of
Hotel Operations, waited for the press in the Hideaway, a new
venue on the line's latest ship Celebrity Silhouette.  A relatively
small space, it is open to the ship's multi-story atrium.  As a result,
gazing out from the Hideaway, you see the large living tree that is
suspended high over the atrium floor. The space is decorated in
muted tones and has an eclectic collection of furniture including a
set of 1960s pod-like chairs that shelter the sitter from the rest of
the world.  This out-of-the-way space where guests can come to get
away from it all nonetheless reflects the thought and attention to
detail seen throughout the ship.

 "We thought we should design it in a way that people could come,
relax and enjoy the environment.  So we threw the challenge out to
the students that were working with us.  We said: 'Okay, if we were
designing a place called the Hideaway and you were taking your
inspiration from the tree that is right outside, how would it look?  
They went to work and that is how we came up with the design for
this space."

 Silhouette had just arrived in the United States for the first time
after spending her first season in Europe.  This was Ms.
Lutoff-Perlo's first opportunity to show the line's latest creation, the
fourth ship in Celebrity's Solstice class, to the American press.  A
veteran of 27 years with the Royal Caribbean family of companies,
Ms. Lutoff-Perlo has been with Celebrity Cruises since 2005.  
There have been many changes in the cruise industry over this time
and she has been near the center of the action.  But for her the
highlight has been the introduction of the Solstice class.  "That was
for me and the brand a huge milestone and accomplishment.  It is
something we are very proud of.  These have performed beyond our
wildest expectations in terms of the guest react to them.   They are
larger ships for Celebrity but they still are very intimate and very

 The Solstice class ships are 122,000 gross tons and carry 2,886
passengers double occupancy.  However, the reason that they have
won numerous awards is not a story of numbers.  It is not just that
there are 12 dining venues but the quality of the dining choices.  
Nor is it the number of bars and entertainment venues but rather the
variety and again the quality.  It is the result of thought and attention
to detail throughout.  More than that, the whole is greater than the
sum of its parts - - all of the ships' virtues build upon and interact
with each other in a gestalt.

 "It is always amazing to me, having been involved with ships for
as long as I have, how the ships come to life and how the spaces
are designed - - all the amazing minds and input that goes into the
ships and what we create onboard for the guests.  It is really quite a
process.   It is very methodical, it is very purposeful but it is also
fun at the same time.  We just have a great time designing these

 "We never design our ships for a specific market.  We always
design our ships for Celebrity. [You have to] make your own way
without thinking about what [the competitors] are doing or trying to
replicate it in any way.  [Success comes from] figuring out what is
right for your brand and for your customers. So that is how we
come up with the restaurants that we come up with.  That is how we
come up with the design we come up with, our activities program
and even our entertainment program.  We try to figure out what is
the right thing for Celebrity based on what our customers tell us
they like or some of the things that they may tell us they are
missing.  That is how we come up with every single thing that we
do.  Just trying to keep it unique and keep it real for us.  We look at
our brand in a more holistic way and figure out how it all fits
together as a well-integrated piece in the overall experience."

 ""The brand is modern luxury.  We just stick true to our brand,
true to who we are."
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Above:  Silhouette's captain and senior officers.

Below:  Celebrity executives performing a song at the naming
Bagpipers began Silhouette's United States naming ceremony.
In the next part of the interview, Ms.
Lutoff-Perlo describes some of the
new features debuting on Silhouette,
its dining venues, entertainment and

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Lisa Lutoff-Perlo (photo courtesy of Celebrity Cruises)
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