Celebrity     Cruises

The Equinox Theater is the ship's largest
entertainment venue, and is used  for  
production shows, music, and comedy.  The

ship's production shows range from
traditional Broadway/West End style shows
to the more edgy Equinox The Show with
dancers and acrobats flying above
the audience on wires.  The lighting and
sound systems are state-of-the art.  
The Sky Observation Lounge not only offers
panoramic views over the surroundings sea or port
during the day but is large enough to serve as a venue for
some of the ship's interactive productions shows.
 It is
also used for events such as the Dancing With the Stripes
contest, receptions and for the evening Captain's Club
social gathering.  
Fortunes Casino is an elegant casino done in
the classic European style.  In addition to slot
machines, traditional gaming and electronic
gaming, it has its own bar.
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Celebrity Central is a relatively
intimate venue for stand-up comedy
lectures, movies and activities.
Celebrity Equinox casino
Celebrity Equinox Sky Lounge
Celebrity Equinox Sky Lounge
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Celebrity Equinox theater
Celebrity Equinox entertainment
Celebrity Equinox entertainment
Immediately aft of the Theater is the
Entertainment Court (right)   It is built
so that the walls of
Celebrity Central and of
the Quasar nightclub can open out onto the
Entertainment Court
so as to increase
.  This venue is used for interactive
shows in which the guests can join in with
the cast and for a
ctivities such as table
tennis tournaments.
Celebrity Equinox entertainment
Celebrity Equinox entertainment
Celebrity Equinox entertainment Doug Cameron
Celebrity Equinox entertainment Dick Hardwick
In addition to shows by the ship's
production cast, the Theater is also
used for shows by visiting
entertainers such as comedian Dick
Hardwick (left), singer Jayne Curry
(below) and musician Doug
Cameron (right).
Celebrity Equinox entertainment court
Celebrity Equinox Celebrity Central
Celebrity Equinox entertainment
Celebrity Equinox casino
Celebrity Equinox casino
Celebrity Equinox Hot Glass Show
Celebrity Equinox Hot Glass Show
Celebrity Equinox Hot Glass Show
In a specially-designed theater, artists from the Corning Museum of glass put on the Hot Glass Show.  Guests
can watch the making of a fine piece of glass from molten mass to completion.
Celebrity Equinox entertainment deck party
Celebrity Equinox entertainment
Weather permitting, the main pool area is used for
Deck Parties with members of the activities staff
and of the production cast as well as the ship's
musicians participating.
Celebrity Equinox entertainment Jayne Curry
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