Celebrity     Cruises
Bars, Lounges,
Performers appear
throughout the ship,
sometimes on an
unannounced basis.  The
Entertainment Court
(left), located outside of the
main theater, is one such
venue where they appear.  
It is built so that the walls
of the adjoining Celebrity
Central auditorium and the
Quasar nightclub can open
out onto the Entertainment
Court making for a larger
space.  As such it lends
itself to performances by
the ships a capella group,
Sound Decision, following
shows in the Eclipse
Theater or pre-show
performances by guitarist
Jefferson Ang.
Quasar  is a Space Age discotheque, done in a retro 1960s' style.   
One of the most popular bars
on the ship is the sophisticated
New York-style
Martini Bar
(above).  Adjoining the Martini
Bar is
Crush (right), which
features bottles of vodka buried
in the ice that forms the center
of the bar.   
The ship's buffet restaurant, the Oceanview Café, has a bar within it (above left) but what is usually referred to as the Oceanview
(above right) is outdoors directly astern of the buffet restaurant.  One deck above the Oceanview is the Sunset Bar (below left),
which serves the Lawn Club and which has impressive views over the ship's stern.  The
Mast Bar (below center) is located forward
near the Mast Grill.  In the main pool area is the
Pool Bar (below right).
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The Ensemble Lounge (above) is located just outside of the Murano Restaurant and just up the corridor from the Tuscan Grille,
Qsine and Blu.  As such, it is a convenient and elegant spot for before and after dinner drinks.  The room also has live music
Galleria Tastings  
(below) is located among st the ship's upscale shops and thus is handy for taking a break from shopping.  It is
also used for various liquor tastings.
Cellar Masters (above) is devoted to wine.  Unlike earlier ships, this version has no bar per se but rather operates like a club with
waiter service.  There are also machines that dispense glasses of wine, which allows guests to sample these wines without purchasing
an entire bottle.

Michael's Club (below) is a Celebrity institution.  Done in a conservative, club style, the room is quietly sophisticated.  In the
evenings, it has live music.    
The Passport Bar is located in the main lobby.

Cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, theater
Eclipse is a ship that provides guests with a
variety of entertainment alternatives. The
largest entertainment venue on the ship is the

Eclipse Theater.  This is the home to the
ship's  production shows, which can include
more traditional singing and dancing
performances as well as shows in which
aerial acrobatics have been mixed in with
music, colourful costumes and imaginative
lighting.  The room is also used for
performances by visiting talent such as
singer, comedian and impressionist Allan
Stewart (below) and ventriloquist Paul
Zerdin (below right).  
(See entertainment
Cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, Entertainment Court
The spectacular Grand
is also used for
musical performances such
as a classical music concert
by the Inspiration Strings
(left) or a jazz perforamnce
by the Celebrity Orchestra
Celebrity Central is a smaller
auditorium that is used for lectures,
activities, and comedy performances.
Fortunes Casino is a large casino decorated in a continental style with gaming tables, slot machines, electronic machines
and its own bar.
The Sky Observation Lounge is high
on Deck 14 and its glass walls afford
spectacular views over the surrounding
area.  It is a large venue and is used for
receptions,  performances, dancing and for
trivia contests.
Cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, casino
Cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, casino
Cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, casino
Cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, casino
Cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Central
Cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, Ensemble Lounge
Cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, Molecular Bar
Cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, Cellar Masters
Cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, Cellarmasters
Cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, Michael's Club
Cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, Michael's Club
Cruise ship Celebrity Eclipse, passport bar