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The guide to Grand Cayman continues with a photo tour of
some of the places of interest in and around Grand Cayman.


Photo Tour*

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Above: The North Terminal is just across the street from
the main shopping area in George Town.

Below: Freedom of the Seas tendering in George Town.
Above: Cunard's Queen Elizabeth tendering off George


  Although there have been discussions about
building a cruise ship pier, Grand Cayman remains a
tender port,
i.e., the ships boats and/or commercial
tenders are used to ferry passengers to and from their
ships.   The distance from the ships to the shore at
George Town is not very far and the ride usually
takes 15 minutes or less.

    Several ships can anchor offshore and the port
often has more than one ship calling on a given day.  
To accommodate multiple ships, Grand Cayman has
three tender terminals - - Royal Watler Cruise
Terminal, North Terminal and South Terminal.  All
three are fairly close together along the main shore
road in George Town.

    The tenders from a given ship will only use one of
the terminals on a particular day.  Thus, if the tender
from your ship leaves you off at the North Terminal,
you will find the tenders going back to your ship at
the North Terminal.

    The terminals are not elaborate structures.  
Essentially, a terminal consists of a landing area and
a shaded area where guests can gather to meet their
tours or to wait for a tender going back to the ship.

    Because Grand Cayman is a tender port, there is a
somewhat greater chance that the port will be closed
due to weather conditions.  


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   Most of the points of interest in George Town are within walking
distance from the tender terminals. (Be careful crossing streets as they
can be quite busy with traffic).   However, some form of
transportation will be needed to get to locations outside of the capital.

    Since 1998, the Cayman Islands have had their own public bus
service.  These are not buses like in major American or European
cities but rather vehicles more akin to shuttle buses or large vans.  
Passengers can boar the buses at bus stops or flag them down by the
side of the road.  The buses have blue license plates.  

    There are also taxis on Grand Cayman.   
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Nieuw Amsterdam with her tenders in Grand Cayman.

The prime shopping area in Grand Cayman is directly across the
street from the piers where the cruise ship tenders dock.  As well as
local merchants, you will find branches of internationally-known
chains and of the shops that one often sees in the popular
Caribbean cruise ports.

Grand Cayman is known for its black coral, crystal, porcelin,
fragarances, cigars, rum cakes and china. There are many stores
specializing in jewelry

There are also shops in and around the various resorts along Seven
Mile Beach outside of George Town..
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