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Silhouette's main dining room is the two-level Grand
Cuvee Restaurant.
 Adjectives like glistening,
elegant but contemporary describe it.  At one end of
the room is the artistically designed wine tower while
at the other is a glamorous staircase.  Overhead is a
huge chandelier.

The Grand Cuvee is open for breakfast and lunch (sea
days) on an open seating basis.  In the evenings, there
is both a traditional two-seating dining system and a  
flexible dining option.  (
See menu examples)

On one of the sea days, an extensive buffet brunch is
The Murano Restaurant  is Celebrity's
signature top-of-the-line specialty restaurant
similar in concept to the Normandie Restaurant
on Celebrity Summit (
see review), the Ocean
Liners Restaurant on Celebrity Constellation (
review) and its namesake Murano Restaurant on
Celebrity Century (
see review).  The menu is
Mediterranean inspired and includes several
dishes that are prepared net to the table.  As an
option, Murano also offers a seven-course wine
pairing menu.   It is sophisticated gourmet
dining.  A cover charge applies. (
See menu
Qsine is unlike any other restaurant.  Forget about
concepts like appetizers, soup courses and main
courses.  At Qsine, guided by your server, you order a
series of items, all unusual in their conception such as
sushi lollipops and Kobe beef sliders.  The items keep
coming and are shared amongst the table.  None of the
items is very big but by the end of the meal, you know
that you have eaten heartily.

The decor of the room is similarly untraditional with
unmatched chairs surrounding each table.  Also
unusual is the digital menu on an Apple iPad.  A cover
charge applies.    
Looking for a specialty coffee and a pastry?  Café Al
(specialty coffees and pastries) on Deck Five is
the place (above right).  A satellite version of Cafe Al
Il Bacio Secundo, has been added to the
Oceanview Cafe (right).  Directly opposite is the

(Italian ice cream).  There is a charge for the
coffees and for the ice cream.
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Within the Solarium is the Aquaspa Café,(left)  which offers
healthy alternatives.  Most items are offered buffet style but the staff
will cook a salmon fillet or tuna steak if asked.  Meanwhile, the
(below) offers hamburgers and other traditional poolside fare
on the open decks.
Silhouette's buffet restaurant is the
Oceanview Café.  The room is designed
around islands, which serve as food stations.  
This is done so that the guest can come directly
up to the spot where the item the guest wants is
located rather than stand in a traditional
cafeteria line and wait until the line passes the
item that the guest is interested in having.  
Since the concept envisions that access to the
food stations will be easier than in a cafeteria
line and thus the guest can come back if he/she
wants more or something additional, there are
no trays to pile high with food that you may or
may not want when you sit down.  Instead,
there are only dishes.    
Somewhat more casual is Silhouette's Italian-influenced steakhouse, the Tuscan Grille.  Inspired by California's Napa Valley, the
entrance is reminiscent of a wine barrel.  Situated at the back of the ship, the room also offers scenic views over the ship's wake.  A
cover charge applies.  (
See menu example)
Blu is the assigned restaurant for
guests staying in Aqua class
staterooms.  These staterooms have
a link to the ship's spa and so Blu
offers "clean cuisine."  But do not
mistake this venue for the
stereotype of a health food
restaurant.  It easily qualifies as a
fine dining venue with the variety
of its menu offerings, the
preparation and the service.  (
our review).  (See menu examples)   
The Bistro on Five offers crepes, paninis, salads and
desserts from daybreak until midnight.  It is reportedly
a favorite of the chairman of Celebrity Cruises' parent
company.   There is a nominal cover charge. (
See menu
For privacy and quiet, there is Room Service (below).
There is more about CELEBRITY
SILHOUETTE Profile Page including a menu, a
daily program, exterior photo graphs and other

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The Lawn Club Grill is a new restaurant debuting on
Silhouette.  Opening out onto the ship's grass lawn, it has a
summertime atmosphere.  Guests can get into barbecue mode
by grilling their own steaks and making their own pizza.  
However, it is just as appropriate to have the restaurant's
chefs prepare the meal.  (
See review).  A cover charge applies.
See menu example)   
Another new venue on Silhouette is The Porch.   It is located
just off of the ship's lawn and is sheltered from the elements by
a glass roof and partitions.   The furnishings help to give it a
beach club feel.  It features paninis, sandwiches and desserts.  
A nominal cover charge applies. (
See menu example).
The dining venues on Silhouette are
numerous and varied.  For more about
them, see also our
inside dining guide.
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